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Tips For Doing Your Eye Makeup Right

Tips For Doing Your Eye Makeup Right

Looking beautiful and pretty at all times is a dream of every woman. Makeup has become every woman’s secret tool to achieve this. And something that is considered to be the most defining and deciding feature of anyone’s face is their eyes. So doing the right eye makeup can be the key to enhancing your overall beauty look. Listed below are some of the best tips that will ensure you get the perfect eye look.

Eyeliner Tips

First and foremost you need to ensure that the eye lid is free of any leftover makeup and is not oily or greasy. Clean your lid with makeup remover. In order to nail that perfect wing look you need to keep your eye open when applying the liner. Also make sure to not go way above your natural line which will give you a much made up look. If you are looking for a smoky eye look it is best you opt for a pencil liner else the liquid liner would be fine. You can also opt for colours like brown or grey if you want to reduce the intensity of the look. 


Mascara can be the most trickiest to apply. To achieve a look that gives your nice lashes volume you need to start off with applying mascara not from tips of the eyelashes but from the roots and It will ensure your lashes aren’t looking clumpy and little. You can add eyelash extensions before applying the mascara to get the perfect volume of lashes. It gives your eyes a natural uplift makes it look very beautiful. To avoid drying the mascara out prevent yourself from pumping the wand instead make sure you swirl it when pulling out.

Eye shadow tips

It is very vital that you use good brushes when applying eye shadow. The purpose of flat brushes are for depositing the shadow and for blending process the fluffy brushes are used. It is very important that you choose the right colours for blending. For blending techniques you can look up the different websites that have detailed tips. Keep in mind that if you apply white as a bas before applying the shadow it gives the lid a intense look. If you have gotten professional eyelash extensions done then the shadow will look more accented and will beautifully complement the lashes.

Other tips

Grooming Tips For Men

Grooming Tips For Men



Every woman desires to have a man who stays well groomed, as a man, who is properly groomed, always looks appealing. In fact, being in a brush-up and clean state one feels confident. It also exudes the impression that you take care of everything in life, which also includes your looks.

There are beard care products, hair gels, body grooming, and so many things a man should take care of when it comes to looking attractive and appealing at all times. Let us go through a few important tips which every man must follow, when it comes to appearing properly groomed and stylish.

Products for beard:

In the present day, if you notice, beard is back into fashion and every man (almost) seems to love sporting beard. However when it comes to showing off and having well-maintained bread, it is important for you to use good beard care products. You need not worry much as they are present all over the place. From online stores to general stores, you get all sorts of beard oil, shampoos, balm and even conditioners. They have been specifically designed to soothe the skin and make your beard look properly set and maintained.


Coming to your hair, it is vital to have a good and neat haircut at all times. Hair does matter to women, and this is why you need to be careful and check that you do not have stinky scalp. You need to keep away from dandruff as well. Make sure that they are neatly trimmed too. The hair style that you opt for, ensure that it is apt for your face shape. It is best to stay away from grease as greasy hair look untidy and disheveled.

Stay odor-free:

Nothing can be more annoying to anyone on this earth than unpleasant, bad odor! You might be very handsome and properly dressed up, however if you smell you will still seem to be very unattractive. Even though this might seem to be a basic tip, but you need to make sure that you use perfume. And you should also use a mouthwash as this will help you to stay sweet smelling. Do remember to stay clean because even though you spray perfume from the outside, if you are dirty and perspiring from within, you will soon start spreading bad odor wherever you move.

Learn the art of body grooming:

Even though a little bit of hair seems fine, you need to know where to draw the line and keep trimming them from your chest and other areas. Unkempt hair wriggling out from any part of the body will look unappealing. This is why do invest in good quality shavers and razor which will help to trim down the unwanted hair and curls.

Making The Choice To Live A Healthier, Cleaner Life

Making The Choice To Live A Healthier, Cleaner Life

The modern world we live in is quite unlike the world our ancestors lived in. We live a very fast paced life with money being our most important motivation to keep going and as a result have become too busy to even take care of our own bodies and our own health. More importantly of course, we have started to neglect even our children, whom we brought in to this world and took sole responsibility for when they were born.

A more aware younger generation

Fortunately however this crisis has given birth to a more aware younger generation of people who are working hard to change the world. We are seeing a big percentage of the younger generation shifting towards a cleaner plant based and organic diet and creating awareness among their peers and other people they meet every day. In addition to diet, young people are also seen to be using natural products as their personal care products as well as most personal care products available in the market today are made completely out of chemicals and laced in preservatives. One example is using effective coconut oil body scrub as an alternative to using the chemical body scrubs that are being sold in the market.

An extremely interesting new trend that is being seen in young people today is that they choose to make their own personal care products as opposed to using the pre made products available in the market. Many young people make their own coconut oil body scrub, sugar and line scrub and even their own soaps out of organic natural products and are even being seen to grow their own organic food as buying organic food can cost a lot of money.

We live in a world where the most commonly consumed food is processed food that is laced with chemicals, preservatives and contain almost no nourishment at all and therefore our bodies and the bodies of our children are becoming weaker and weaker without us even realizing it. As a result of this, the human lifecycle is reducing significantly and children today are getting illnesses and diseases that have always been known to occur in older adults and during the final stages of our lives. The truth is we need to make a change in our diets and our lifestyles with immediate effect before we ruin our children’s futures and our own. As important as it is to eat healthy, it is also important that you work to spread awareness in order to change the world.