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Month: July 2017

Tips On How To Face A New Job

Tips On How To Face A New Job

If the change or the makeover you are after is of the delicate variety, then make a change in your makeup. Now-a-days, it’s very rare to find someone who doesn’t wear makeup; regardless to their gender. Again make a change in the brand and in the colors. If you are used to lining your eyes in a particular style, make a difference there. Do you want to make a difference in your office wear without even trying? Change the color of your lipstick. Trust us, it’ll make a huge difference!Have secured your first important job? Or is this the first time you’ve ever been employed? If you are, here are our tips and suggestions for you…

  • Do a research on your new workplace – knowledge is power. Learn more about your workplace so you know what to expect. Having prior knowledge on your workplace can also help you avoid first-day blunders.
  • Talk to a few colleagues working there already – if possible, and if you have the means, speak to a few of your new workplace colleagues. This will give you an inside view of your new place, helping you out like we mentioned above. But don’t be despaired if you don’t know anyone yet. You’ll make friends soon enough!
  • Get yourself clothes that will make you feel confident – clothes are a great way to feel confident. Wearing clothes that fit you perfectly, and make you look good will definitely boost your confidence, helping you face your first day at the new workplace.
  • Give yourself a new hairstyle – like clothes, a new hairdo can also help you feel good about yourself. If you’re not very keep on cutting it, especially if you’re afraid it may not turn out the way you want, consider buying a few cheap hair extensions making a hairstyle out of it. Besides making you look good, a new haircut or hairstyle is also a great way to give yourself a new start.
  • Be prepared for your first day well ahead of time – and we don’t just mean the process to buy hair extensions Sydney. Select your clothing, shoes, what makeup you’re going to wear, how you’re going to get to work well ahead of time. If possible, do all the preparations a day earlier. Go to sleep earlier than usual, as it’s possible nervousness may not allow you to fall asleep easily; resulting in you being groggy in the morning. You can check out more here 
  • Wakeup earlier than necessary – if you fell asleep earlier, it won’t be hard for you to wake up earlier. This will allow you to take a few moments to get your bearings. This will also help you get to work without rushing.
  • Give yourself a good breakfast – a good breakfast is vital for any day; but particularly on the days that you want to go well. You can’t face a big day and face new colleagues while your stomach is rumbling in hunger. Make sure it’s something that you’re used to eating; just not to upset your system.
  • Use a cab for your first day – avoid the public transportation on your first day to work. Battling traffic and then having to rush to get to work will chip at your confidence, as well as give your new employees a bad impression on you. Avoid all this; get yourself a cab to work.
Tips For Doing Your Eye Makeup Right

Tips For Doing Your Eye Makeup Right

Looking beautiful and pretty at all times is a dream of every woman. Makeup has become every woman’s secret tool to achieve this. And something that is considered to be the most defining and deciding feature of anyone’s face is their eyes. So doing the right eye makeup can be the key to enhancing your overall beauty look. Listed below are some of the best tips that will ensure you get the perfect eye look.

Eyeliner Tips

First and foremost you need to ensure that the eye lid is free of any leftover makeup and is not oily or greasy. Clean your lid with makeup remover. In order to nail that perfect wing look you need to keep your eye open when applying the liner. Also make sure to not go way above your natural line which will give you a much made up look. If you are looking for a smoky eye look it is best you opt for a pencil liner else the liquid liner would be fine. You can also opt for colours like brown or grey if you want to reduce the intensity of the look. 


Mascara can be the most trickiest to apply. To achieve a look that gives your nice lashes volume you need to start off with applying mascara not from tips of the eyelashes but from the roots and It will ensure your lashes aren’t looking clumpy and little. You can add eyelash extensions before applying the mascara to get the perfect volume of lashes. It gives your eyes a natural uplift makes it look very beautiful. To avoid drying the mascara out prevent yourself from pumping the wand instead make sure you swirl it when pulling out.

Eye shadow tips

It is very vital that you use good brushes when applying eye shadow. The purpose of flat brushes are for depositing the shadow and for blending process the fluffy brushes are used. It is very important that you choose the right colours for blending. For blending techniques you can look up the different websites that have detailed tips. Keep in mind that if you apply white as a bas before applying the shadow it gives the lid a intense look. If you have gotten professional eyelash extensions done then the shadow will look more accented and will beautifully complement the lashes.

Other tips